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5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

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skin-careHealthy skin care should not be a beauty secret. There are many things that you could be doing every day to making better your skin’s health and appearance. I think that these are the top 5 beauty secrets for natural healthy skin care you can practice daily.

1. Use a Gentle Cleanser Every Day
Some beauty experts suggest the regular use of exfoliating scrubs. On an occasional basis, it’s ok, as long as the ingredients are all natural. Colloidal oatmeal, for example, makes a safe scrub.

But, on a daily basis, the act of softly massaging your face with a warm wet cloth and a soft cleanser such as tea tree oil or manuka honey will clear dirt and dead cells, leaving your face looking and feeling fresh.

2. Use a Night Cream
Before you go to bed, gently remove all of the makeup that you wore during the day. If the moisturizer that you used in the morning included grape seed oil, makeup removal will be easier, because it creates a film that prevents makeup and dirt from getting into the pores.

3. Always Moisturize after Cleansing
Whether your face is oily or dry, you need to moisturize after cleansing. Even soft cleansers take out the natural oils that protect the skin’s cells from damage and disease. The moisturizer that you use should be free of artificial preservatives, fragrances and other additives.

4. Use Common Sense in the Sun
I do not suggest the daily use of products that contain sunscreen, because some of them are known to harm DNA strands within the cells, which predisposes them to cancerous formation. I do suggest that you use common sense.

If you want to be out for more than 15 or 20 minutes, wear a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing. If you are spending a day at the beach, use a sun-block.

5. Protect Your Skin from the Affects of Time
If you don’t want your face to give away your age. All of the healthy skin care products that you use should contain natural anti-aging ingredients.

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