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5 Top Beauty Tips

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skin careI’m sure that every woman want to look good and feel great everyday. No wonder if they spend money quite a lot to keep their beauty. They will go to spa, buy cosmetic, consume supplement food and other to keep their beauty ‘shiny’. But if you have limited budget, try this 5 top beauty tips from Thil. These tips will make you feel good and look better without wasting a lot of money and very efficient.

These 5 beauty tips are efficient and do not waste a lot of money. By following these 5 little things, it can make you feel good and look better:

Tip for a perfect make up: Rub an ice cube all over your face gently before doing your make up. You can also dip your face in a bowl with water and ice cubes before you start make up. It helps close the pores and leaves the skin less oily.

Tip for feet with rough skin: Apply a thick coat of moisturizer over you feet at night. Place a plastic bag over your feet, put a sock over the bag and go to bed. The next day you will have fantastic soft feet.

Tip for dry lips: Rub your lips gently with a soft, wet toothbrush, so that all the dead skin is removed. Spoil you lips with a nice lip balm afterward. Immediately your lips will feel softer and look beautiful again.

Tip for tired eyes: Soak a cotton ball in cold saline solution kept in the fridge. Lay down and place it on your eyes. Stay like this for a while and you will have the feeling of wonderful refreshed eyes. This is a very helpful tip after a long working day.

Tip for a smooth skin: Choose a facial peeling that suit with your skin type. After the peeling, apply pure honey to your face, leave it on for about 20 minutes, and then rinse it of with warm water. You will be amazed by the softness of your skin.

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