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Best Smokey Mountain Charcoal Smoker, Weber 721001

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Discount Weber 721001 Smoker

  • Helps you achieve an authentic smokehouse flavor at home
  • Made of porcelain-enameled steel, this smoker comes with 2 nickel-plated 18-1/2-inch-wide cooking grates
  • Accommodate a whole turkey and an entire ham at the same time
  • Includes a water pan, thermometer, individual vents on bowl and lid, and heat-resistant nylon handle
  • Measures approximately 19 by 19 by 41 inches; 10-year limited warranty

There’s nothing better than slow-cooked barbecue, and there’s no better way to get authentic smokehouse flavor at home than with this charcoal smoker. Weber 721001 smoker provides a spacious interior, which makes it possible to cook a whole turkey and an entire ham at the same time — it’s good for large gatherings. Made of porcelain-enameled premium-grade steel, the smoker comes with two, heavy, nickel-plated cooking grates that measure 18-1/2 inches in diameter, big space for larger birds.

A porcelain-enameled steel water pan adds steam to the cooking process, so meats stay moist and juicy. Even more, individual vents on the bowl and lid offer optimal air-flow control for tender meats and longer-burning charcoal, the heat-resistant nylon handle on the lid stays cool to the touch, and a handy thermometer makes it simple to check internal temperatures at a glance. read more

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