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Choosing Swimsuits For Pregnancy

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PregnancySwimming in pregnancy is a very effective form of exercise because the water supports your bump and takes away the pressure from your back, particularly in the latter stages. But do women need swimsuits for pregnancy or could they make do with their normal swimsuits?

If you are going to be swimming on a regular basis then it is a good idea to invest in a proper maternity swimsuit as they are so much more comfortable than a conventional swimsuit and some can be used after the birth. How much flesh you choose to show is up to you. Some women like to show off their naked bump whilst others prefer to keep the bump under wraps.

Tankinis work just as well as swimsuits for pregnancy and offer great versatility as normally the tops and bottoms can be purchased separately, so you have the option of mix and match. Another good style is the “baby doll” which hangs loose and covers your bump whilst the briefs are more fitted.

Whatever style you opt for it is worth paying that bit more for a good quality swimsuit simply because more attention will have been paid to design and comfort. Halter neck styles are great because they can be easily adjusted for extra support and styles that offer support around the bust are great for when your boobs start growing and becoming heavy. A good swimsuit should come with lined cups for discretion and if buying a style with separate briefs, then ones with tie sides are a good choice because they can be adjusted easily as you grow. Also choose a swimsuit that contains at least 20% spandex or lycra as this will give added support and help the costume maintain its shape in the water.

by Julie Green

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