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Dwinguler Eco-friendly Kids Play Mat

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  • Soft, elastic, and slip resistant. Innovative cushioning and embossing protect kids from hard impacts on the ground
  • Manufactured with absolutely earth and baby friendly material. 100% free from any toxic materials including pthalate
  • Completely waterproof, easy to clean and sanitize from your child’s rugged playtime. Helps keep kids healthy from germs, bugs and bacteria
  • Vividly coated on both sides with designs to help sensory development. Flipping it creates a new playtime environment
  • Helps absorb noise and lets your child play without the worry from chilly floors

Dwinguler Kid’s Play Mat gives good place for your children to roll, crawl, toddle, and play. It is made of earth friendly materials with fun designs, and it is laboratory-tested to be absolutely safe for children. The Dwinguler Mat is the pinnacle of premium quality floor mats for kids selling in many countries in the world.

This eco-friendly play mat can be used for many different uses. It can be used in the baby’s nursery making a safe play mat or used in kids play areas for toddlers and older kids. The mat is big enough for the whole family to use it for yoga, pilates or as a general exercise or playing-time. It’s also great for use while playing active video games and even as a tent floor when camping read more

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