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Koolspace koolR PLUS Wine Cellar Cooling Unit – 600 Cu. Ft

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Discount Koolspace Wine Cellar Cooling Unit  600 Cu. Ft

  • Electronic Controls with Advanced EMI/RFI Filtering
  • High-Temperature Alarm
  • Super Bright Display Lets You Monitor the Temperature From Outside Your Wine Cellar
  • CSA and CE International Overall Certification
  • Color: Black Body with Silver Louver

Koolspace koolR PLUS Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 600 Cu Ft is a quieter, smaller, smarter way to protect your wine. Each unit is equipped with a convenient lit display that lets you monitor the temperature from outside your wine cellar. Its temperature sensors monitor conditions in your wine room and adjust the power levels automatically, so there’s no need to fiddle with the fan and power settings.

Acoustic and thermal insulation makes the koolR both quiet and energy efficient. With a hi-temp alarm, excess humidity warning and a multi-level vibration suppression system, the koolR wine cooling unit ensures optimal storage conditions are maintained in your wine cellar. The koolR PLUS offers a cooling capacity of 3000 BTU/hr. and is designed for an enclosure up to 600 cubic feet read more

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