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Waterproof MP3 Player, H2OFriendly iPod Shuffle

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H2OFriendly iPod Shuffle is nice portable music player for people who love to swim and listening to music at the same time. By using this water proof MP3 player, you can listen to your favorite songs in high fidelity underwater in the pool, ocean, gym, snow, rain, or use it as your everyday MP3 player.

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This player is 100% waterproofed from the inside out and it looks and works just like a normal iPod Shuffle. No need to worry your player getting wet. You can load music by syncing with iTunes and create playlists. The player has advanced VoiceOver feature that helps you find the song you are looking for quickly and efficiently by speaking the names of songs, artists and playlists as you navigate your music library. This underwater player compatible with Mac and PC

H2OFriendly Waterproof MP3 Player Features

  • Versatile and commonly used for Swimming, Water Sports, Exercising, Snow Sports, Wet weather
  • No bulky cases as all interior circuits and contacts are 100% waterproof down to 15ft
  • Authentic iPod Crafted from Solid Aluminium. Lightweight, Easy to Use, Clips to Goggles
  • 15 hrs battery life, 2GB Memory holds over 500 songs, VoiceOver Speaks names of Songs/Artists/Playlists

H2OFriendly iPod Shuffle Review
Here is one of the honest H2OFriendly iPod Shuffle MP3 player review by DrGary that already purchase and use this waterproof MP3 player.

I received the Shuffle as a Christmas gift and used it on all my workouts. I’m training for triathlons, so the ability to listen to music during all activities has been an asset. Paired with my H2O Audio IE2-BK Surge 2G Waterproof Ear buds, the Shuffle worked perfectly. However, after a couple months of use, the Shuffle had issue with syncing. I contacted H2OFriendly’s customer service, and had a replacement sent within the week! I returned the malfunctioning one via USPS and was all set. Great product and great customer service! Can’t ask for anything more. Read other review

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